🧰Smart Contract Upgrade Announcement

👀 Attention all the JOJOers!

Please be advised that JOJO Exchange is scheduled to upgrade its smart contract on UTC+0 15.00 Feb 8, 2024. As part of this upgrade, JOJO's settlement currency will be changed from USDC.e to USDC. To ensure a seamless transition, all users holding USDC.e assets need to withdraw them from the current smart contract. If you have any open positions, assets, or loans in the old smart contract, it is important to close your positions, repay your loans, and withdraw your assets to your on-chain wallet before UTC+0 15.00 Feb 8, 2024. Please take note of this important announcement and make sure to take the necessary actions.

If you didn't withdraw your assets from the old smart contract in time, you can still recover them by visiting https://legacy.jojo.exchange.

Explanation of USDC and USDC.e:

USDC is preferred for most crypto-related financial activities due to its high liquidity and compatibility with DeFi protocols.

On June 8, 2023, Circle, the issuer of USDC, made an official announcement regarding their issuance of native USDC on Arbitrum. Before this announcement, USDC.e, a bridged version of USDC, was the only version available on Arbitrum. Since Circle's announcement, the usage and holding of USDC have gradually been increasing on Arbitrum. We predict that the usage of USDC on Arbitrum will soon surpass USDC.e.

We appreciate your unwavering support for JOJO! ❤️🔥🚀

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