📃Signature Free mode

JOJO introduces Signature Free mode, a feature designed to significantly enhance your trading efficiency by eliminating redundant confirmations and accelerating trade execution.

What are the benefits of enabling the Signature Free feature?

  1. Simplifying the TP/SL Process Traditionally, placing Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) orders on JOJO involved on-chain conformations, requiring your signature in your wallet for each order. Signature Free streamlines this process by granting automatic authorization for your TP/SL with JOJO upon activation. This eliminates the need for repeated confirmations, saving you valuable time and effort when placing subsequent orders.

  2. Enhanced Efficiency and Agility By removing the need for confirmations, Signature Free allows you to execute trades with greater speed and efficiency. This is particularly advantageous in fast-paced market conditions, where reacting swiftly to opportunities is crucial.

  3. Maintaining Security It is important to note that Signature Free mode is solely applicable to JOJO's TP/SL functionality. All other platform activities, including deposits, withdrawals, and account management, still require your signature to ensure the highest level of security and control over your account.

How to Turn On Global Operator Mode

Step 1: Access the User Center located in the upper right corner of the JOJO interface

Step 2: Locate the Signature Free toggle and switch it on. This activates the feature and allows you to experience seamless TP/SL order placement without further confirmation.

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