📖Deposit & Withdraw


Click your address in the upper right corner and then click [Deposit to JOJO] button.

You can either manually enter the amount you want to deposit to JOJO or pull the slider for the amount you like.

Alternatively, you can choose the token of your deposit, and when everything is ready, click the [Deposit] button to fund your JOJO account.


JOJO is a USDⓈ-Margined Future, meaning our contracts are denominated and settled in USDC. A universal settlement currency, like USDC, also provides more flexibility. You can use the same settlement currency across various futures contracts.

If you prefer not to deposit stables, you can use our multi-collateral system and utilise your wallet balance as collateral to borrow JUSD for trading. If you have assets on other networks, you can bridge them to base network.


Click your Main Account in the upper right corner and then click [Asset] button.

You are able to view the status of all your accounts. Select [Withdraw] button to proceed.

Similar to deposit, you can adjust the amount of withdrawal either manually input or pull the slider, then you may "Confirm Withdraw".

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