📖How to use Sub Account

Creating a sub account can be useful for a few types of traders.

  • It's great for those who are used to trading in isolated margin mode.

  • Traders who need to keep their assets separate for better risk management can benefit from sub accounts.

  • Quants and professional trading teams who need to execute multiple strategies can also use sub accounts.

  • Sub accounts can be helpful for big investors who want to have their asset management team trade on their behalf.

To create a sub account, just click on [Switch Account] in the upper right corner under the Main Account button.

Click [Create] to create your sub account on JOJO.

As you can see in the picture below, you could:

1- View and manage your accounts, including your host accounts.

2- Transfer tokens between your accounts.

3- Create sub accounts.

4- Add individual operator for each of your sub account. Operators can trade using your sub account but cannot withdraw funds.

5- Switch between your different accounts.

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