Leverage your earning with mUSDC!

JOJO now allows Moonwell users to deposit their mUSDC into JOJO. This is an exciting development for both JOJO and Moonwell as it means users can now collect lending income, $WELL and USDC incentive from Moonwell and $JOJO from JOJO. This provides users with a new method to increase their earnings on both platforms simultaneously. Please note that this feature may be subject to certain requirements, so it's best to fully understand the mechanism before starting.⬇️

User deposits USDC into Moonwell → Obtains mUSDC → Deposit mUSDC into JOJO as collateral -> Borrow $JUSD -> Use $JUSD to trade perpetual

What the users will get:

  1. Moonwell's lending income: when you withdraw mUSDC from JOJO exchange, the amount of mUSDC will be higher than what you initially deposited.

  2. Mining $JOJO by borrow $JUSD and use $JUSD for trading. Trading amount of 10 JUSD earns 1 point, and maintaining an average margin of 2 JUSD also earns 1 point per day. Learn more for $JOJO airdrops

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