🧑Referral Program

Invite friends to earn up to a 10% $JOJO rebate!

At JOJO, we aim to provide the best possible perpetual trading experience. Our community plays a significant role in achieving this goal. We are introducing the JOJO Referral Program to reward those who help expand the JOJO community and share our product! This referral program allows all JOJOers to spread the word about our platform and earn rewards.

How It Works

When a user clicks on your link, your referral code will be associated with the user's account. When the user makes a trade or deposit, they would receive the points, and you would earn 10% of their points.

Adjust referral percentage

The base commission rate at JOJO is 10%. You will receive up to 10% commission points on all trades/tvl that come through your unique referral code or link. Additionally, it is possible to adjust the commission rate for specific users, depending on your needs.

For example, Tony invites Bob to join him at JOJO and sets the commission ratio at 5%. Once Bob has joined JOJO by Tony's referral link and starts trading, Tony will be able to receive a 5% commission points from every trade/deposit of Bob (including Bob's main account and subaccount) under Base network. At the same time, both Bob's main account and subaccounts under Base network are also eligible for 5% points commission.


When is my commission sent? Where are they sent to?

During JOJO's prelaunch period, all referral reward will be distributed in the form of airdrop points. Points will be settled once each week, and can be collected after the token generation event.

Where can I check my referrals?

You can check your referral status on the Referral Page.

Is the referral link permanent?


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