Index of terminology and technical information related to JOJO.

Liquidation price: Because JOJO uses a cross-margin system, all positions share the same margin account. Therefore, once a user holds multiple positions, different markets may affect one another, resulting in the Final Liquidation Price differing from the Initial Liquidation Price.

Mark price: The Mark Price is a mechanism used in perpetual contracts trading on JOJO to ensure fair and accurate pricing of futures contracts. JOJO's mark price comes from Chainlink and Uniswap Oracle and is mainly used to calculate PnL.

Total balance: The total value of all assets in the user's account, calculated in USDC based on the real-time price of Chainlink.

Initial margin: The initial margin determines whether there is enough margin when placing an order at the current position the user wishes to open. As long as the user's account balance exceeds the initial margin, they can open a position on JOJO.

Initial margin ratio: The initial margin ratio is the minimum margin required in a user's account when placing an order. It is calculated as the product of the initial margin ratio and the margin required for the desired order size. The initial margin ratio also determines the maximum leverage allowed, with JOJO currently allowing a maximum leverage of 10X.Please note that the initial margin ratio may change in the future. Please refer to JOJO's announcement for updates.

Max leverage = 1/initial margin ratio 10%

Maintenance margin: Maintenance margin refers to the minimum amount of USDC (or JUSD) necessary to ensure the safety of a user's account when placing orders at the current position. JOJO calculates the maintenance margin as the sum of all a user's position margins for all open positions.

Maintenance margin = ∑(abs(paper Size) * mark price * maintenance Margin Ratio)

Maintenance margin ratio: Generally speaking, the value of the maintenance margin ratio is usually lower than that of the initial margin ratio. Otherwise, users may be liquidated shortly after placing an order.Please note that the maintenance margin ratio may vary across different trading pairs. For more information, please refer to the 'Specification' section at the top right corner of the price chart on the trading page.

Maintenance margin ratio = 6%

Position margin: Position margin used for the order.

Position margin= ∑(abs(paper size) * mark price * initial Margin Ratio)

Paper size: Quantity of tokens in the position

Current price: The real-time price of a certain token from Chainlink.

Liquidation threshold: The maintenance margin ratio is equivalent to the liquidation threshold. They are measured from the perspectives of 'the minimum percentage of maintenance margin to ensure not being liquidated' and 'the percentage of maintenance margin that, if breached, would trigger liquidation.’ They are mainly used to differentiate between them in contract codes.Please note that the liquidation threshold may vary across different trading pairs. For more information, please refer to the 'Specification' section at the top right corner of the price chart on the trading page.

Risk ratio: The value that measures the risk of the account.

Risk ratio = maintenance margin/total balance

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