📖JOJO Offset Mechanism

Introducing JOJO Offset Mechanism

What is Offset in JOJO's Trading Fee Structure?

To guarantee the security of users' funds and data validity in JOJO, every transaction on the platform is promptly confirmed on-chain with zero gas fee. In simpler terms, JOJO will handle the gas fee for the on-chain confirmation on the user's behalf.

To address this, JOJO has implemented a tiered trading fee model, which includes an offset to cover the gas fee for on-chain confirmation and reduce the minimum opening amount for users. Offset balances the gas required for on-chain confirmations. We can lower the minimum order amount to 10 USDC. Users are only required to pay the gas fee when the trading amount is less than a specified threshold (dynamic ratio). We'll dynamically estimate the fee ratio in real time based on gas and the amount of the order placed by the user. We will continue to optimize JOJO's fee structure in the future and launch more rebate activities.

Trading Fee Calculation

Maker: Base fee -0.01% + Offset

Taker: Base fee 0.03% + Offset

The offset ratio is determined by 3 variables:

  1. Real-time gas price

  2. Index price of a particular token

  3. User's order amount

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