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Hi there, welcome!
We're so glad that you've finally joined us. The JOJO team is here sending love from the crypto space!
Our team constantly works to improve the platform and provide users with new features and tools to enhance their perpetual trading strategies. We also prioritize security and transparency to ensure that all JOJOers can trade with confidence. Before diving into JOJO, let us guide you and give you a better understanding of JOJO.


JOJO is a decentralized perpetual contract trading platform that uses an off-chain matching and on-chain settlement order book model. JOJO balances liquidity and composability, providing professional traders with a smooth, fast, and low-cost trading experience and hedging capabilities for other DeFi protocols. JOJO is where it's at for serious traders.


JOJO is dedicated to creating an honest, professional, transparent Perpetual Contract for Layer2 DeFi Maxi's.
🧡 Let's keep it simple: a more straightforward way to trade after eliminating the risk of centralization.
💜 Focused on long-term values: JOJO aims to create more value by bringing blockchain technology to a wider audience. In the future, it will offer an education system for users of all levels, allowing everyone to find their ideal investment strategy.
💙 Fairness and justice: JOJO prioritizes maximizing user benefits while maintaining a sustainable product. The interests of its users are of utmost importance, and they have the right to vote fairly. They will always be JOJO's most valuable asset.

What UNIQUE FEATURES do We have?

  • JOJO does not rely on spot inventory, so we have deeper liquidity, more trading pairs, and a quicker listing process.
  • We also offer cross-margin trading and subaccounts, providing more flexibility in managing your positions. This is suitable for individuals, teams, agencies, and anyone who needs to manage multiple accounts.
  • Here at JOJO, you can deposit any asset as collateral for 0-interest borrowing, unlocking the full efficiency of your capital without paying high borrowing fees and boosting your buying power to the moon.
  • Faster transaction and instant confirmation. Seize every opportunity without wasting a single moment.

Why is JOJO A BETTER SOLUTION for trading Perpetual Contracts?

1️⃣ Deeper Liquidity: The Hybrid Order-Book Model is designed to uncover deeper liquidity.

JOJO uses a hybrid order book mechanism that combines off-chain matching with on-chain confirmation. This ensures fast and efficient off-chain matching while effectively avoiding the centralized risk of tampering with transaction data. Furthermore, the participation of professional market makers can provide JOJO's users with deeper liquidity experiences and extremely low slippage risks.
Throughout the history of perpetual contracts, the order book model has always been the best choice for liquidity markets, displaying market prices, and trading large orders. JOJO effectively avoids the drawbacks of Automated Market Maker (AMM) exchanges, such as low capital efficiency, high slippage risks for large orders, and the impermanent loss faced by liquidity providers.

2️⃣ More Trading Pairs: No reliance on spot liquidity on any chains, fast listing, and capture of every trend.

The liquidity depth of futures exchanges that rely on spot reserves depends on the amount of tokens pledged by the exchange's liquidity providers (LP) within the exchange.
Genuine perpetual contracts are free from dependence on spot reserve, allowing for transaction exposure to any asset on any chain. They can quickly list new hot trading pairs, and trades can be executed without borrowing tokens or paying high borrowing fees.

3️⃣ Lower fees: 0 borrowing fees and extremely low transaction fees.

JOJO's fee structure is designed to provide users with lower fees and minimize their long-term holding costs. The platform offers zero-interest borrowing, which means that users can use non-stable assets as trading margin. Additionally, JOJO has a fee structure that includes a low transaction fee of 0.02% for making orders and 0.07% for taking orders. This is significantly lower than the fees charged by other exchanges in the market.
Moreover, JOJO's on-chain confirmation mechanism eliminates the need for users to pay gas fees for confirmation, as the platform pays for it. And for transfers, users only need to pay the gas fees. With JOJO's multi-collateral system, users can enjoy a low-cost trading experience without worrying about high fees eating into their profits.

4️⃣ The huge potential of JOJO's multi-collateral system: The enormous prospects of interacting with protocols on multi-chains.

JOJO is proud to announce to all degens our multi-collateral system, where you can borrow at 0% interest by collateralizing your non-stablecoins without paying high borrowing fees and trade on JOJO at extremely low rates!
Usually, if you want to open a position on a perpetual contract platform, you can only choose a few stablecoins to trade with. Suppose you only have BTC, ETH, UNI, or other valuable assets. In that case, you can only mortgage your assets on lending platforms to borrow stablecoins with a high-interest rate.
JOJO has streamlined the outdated lending steps, waived the borrowing fee, and integrated the entire lending process into JOJO's trading system.
Now, you can quickly place a zero-interest order with just a few simple steps.

Meet the Main Contributors at JOJO