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Roadmap and Visions

At JOJO, we're on a mission to create the best perpetual trading platform and establish the gold standard in DeFi. We'll be giving you updates on what we're planning for the rollout of the JOJO platform, and we'd love to hear your feedback.
We've broken the development of JOJO into a bunch of milestones so that we can test things out early and often. This lets us ensure we're on the right track, fix bugs, and get your thoughts on the product.
Each milestone has features we'll be building and a new network or a significant upgrade to an existing one. This helps us thoroughly test everything and ensure we're doing things right.
Whenever we hit a milestone, we'll release an update to the JOJO community. This could be a whole new network or just some improvements to the existing one, making it more stable and accessible.
Here's a list of the key features we'll work on for each milestone and when to release them. We might need to change our plans as we go along, but we'll keep you in the loop.

Achievements So Far

  • Started: The Steel Ball Run Era (May 29 - Jul 11, 2022)
    • The JOJO dev team has been established. Engineers began to create something great!
  • V0.1: The Golden Wind Era (July 11th, 2022 - Feb 27th, 2023)
    • Deployed an internal testnet.
    • Set the Orderbook & Price chart.
    • API Stress testing.
    • Website firewall and other WEB2 security setup (e.g., DDOS, DNS hijack)
    • Market Maker API testing.
    • Another internal testing of position management, limit and market orders, asset deposition and withdrawal, and liquidation.
    • Immunefi Bug Bounty launched.
    • HackenProof Bug Bounty launched.
  • V0.2: The Stardust Crusader Era (Feb 27th - Mar 30th, 2023)
    • Established JOJO operations and marketing team.
    • JOJO's multi-collateral system, subaccount V1+V2, TP/SL, user portfolio calculation, and display functions have been launched.
    • We completed the first invitation-only usability test.
    • Continuous optimization of product interaction.
  • V1.0: the JOJOlion Era (Mar 30, 2023 - Present)
    • Sherlock public auditing contest launched.
    • JOJO deployed on zkSync Era Testnet.
    • API improvement.
    • UI/UX improvement.
    • Established the Notification system.
    • Listing more trading pairs.
    • Integrated AA wallet solution.
    • JOJO deployed on zkSync Era.
    • JOJO deployed on Scroll Alpha Testnet.
    • Arbitrum Mainnet deployment completed.
    • Multi-Chain deployment completed with more trading pairs and collaterals.
    • Quantitative trading bot deployed.
    • To be continued...

Next Step - The Absolute Decentralization

  • V2.X: Diamond Is Unbreakable Era
    • The decentralized insurance fund:
      Allowing users to top up a variety of assets (including various interest-bearing assets) as an insurance fund to protect the platform trader’s profit redemption.
    • The decentralized market making:
      Allowing users to select a market maker account and provide them with a margin. Users can share the profit and bear the loss from the market-making proceeds. Market makers (and their LPs) who perform well will be rewarded with platform tokens.
    • The decentralized funding rate:
      In situations where transactions occur frequently, the funding rate will be determined using a zero-knowledge proof that relies solely on on-chain transaction data instead of being calculated centrally based on the mid-price.
    • The decentralized matching engine:
      It is possible to build a POS system for a matching engine, transforming JOJO into a fully decentralized trading platform for perpetual contracts.
    • Tokenomics:
      JOJO plans to decentralize governance and provide additional utility by launching a governance token in the future. Details will be disclosed once tokenomics is settled.
JOJO's Roadmap