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How to trade on JOJO - A step by step tutorial

To trade on JOJO, you will need to first deposit funds into the relevant account. You may check this article to deposit and withdraw funds on JOJO.
After depositing your funds on JOJO, you may now follow the steps to trade and earn profits!

1. Opening your position.

  • If you are bullish on the market, you should buy/long.
  • If you are bearish on the market, you should sell/short.
In the [Trade] page, you can choose to place a [Market Order] or a [Limit Order].
We take the [Market Order] as an example here.
A Market Order will be executed at the current market price as soon as possible after the user places the order.
You can manually input the amount you want to trade or pull the slider for your preferred ratio. Then click [Buy / Long] to place your order.
Meanwhile, you can see some important information about the [Market Order].
Those information will change depending on the USDC amount of orders you place, the current market price, and the amount of margin left in your account after placing an order.
[Buy/Sell Amount]: Total amount of tokens buy/sell at the market price.
[Buy/Sell Cost]: Total price of tokens buy/sell at the market price, calculated in USDC.
[Liq. Price of Buy/Sell]: Settlement price of the buy/sell order.
[Leverage change of Buy/Sell]: Leverage change for the buy/sell order.
[Buy/Sell fee Maker/Taker]: Maker/taker fees for the buy/sell order.

2. Check your position status.

After you place an order and the order has been settled, your position will appear in the lower-left corner of the trading page.
Once the order is placed, the JOJO system will display the [Order successfully] prompt in the upper-right corner.
When the price rises, a long position will generate profits, with a positive PnL. You can choose to continue holding the position to seek greater profits or click [Close] to lock in your profits.
If you choose to continue holding your current position, a safer approach is to set a TP/SL (Take-profit/Stop-loss) order.