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Trading Pairs

Here at JOJO, we currently offer to trade on the price of 5 crypto pairs at leverage ranges up to 20x. Unlike other perpetual trading platforms, JOJO offers solid and calculable leverage on your assets. Additionally, we don't rely on spot liquidity, allowing us to quickly list tokens. In the meantime, we are constantly expanding our selection of trading pairs, with Arbitrum being a trending addition. Contributing to the whole DeFi ecosystem is also another crucial mission of JOJO team.
JOJO features a user-friendly interface with advanced charting tools to enhance your trading experience. We prioritize security, efficiency, and decentralization, with subaccounts and regular security audits to ensure the safety and utilization of your assets.
BTC/USDC Contract Address:0x189a2EADf09683c580217B3ee7e881649728b2ca
ETH/USDC Contract Address:0x2c9F3780BfcbcCCF65F3aA7bBBDBE13708e0EF4a
ARB/USDC Contract Address:0x0aab9f35e7333601A05C60D2cdBcA52D8ED3c9e3
SOL/USDC Contract Address:0x000871e09468A2d6b4EdF7387c177DdAeA0e2Ad9
LINK/USDC Contract Address:0xc2c16d0B9E612baDf09fD6e6f05E09FFf91F2fd1

Market Times

Crypto markets are open 24/7, allowing you to trade at any time.

Always take care of your position by setting a TP/SL

This is an important risk management strategy that can help you limit your losses and lock in profits. A TP, or take profit, is the price level at which you want to exit a trade in order to lock in profits. An SL, or stop loss, is the price level at which you want to exit a trade in order to limit your losses.
Setting a TP/SL allows you to plan your trades ahead of time and stick to your trading plan. Without a TP/SL, you may be tempted to hold onto losing trades in the hopes that they will eventually turn profitable, leading to larger losses. By setting a TP/SL, you take emotion out of the equation and make rational decisions based on your pre-determined trading plan.